Promotional Package Tables

Promotional Package

House Party Package

  • 1 Roulette Table
  • 1 Hold'Em Table
  • 1 Blackjack Table
  • 3 Dealers
  • Chips and Accessories

Priced Usually


100 Person
Casino Party Package

  • 10 Tables of your choice
  • 10 Dealers
  • Disc Jockey


100 Person Casino Party Fundraiser Package
10 tables of your choice

  • 1 Trainer to train your volunteer dealers
  • 1 Disc Jockey
  • Chips and Accessories

Priced $1,500-$2,500

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  • Additional Dealers can be added
  • A DJ can be added to any package
  • Additional tables can be added
  • Delivery charges will apply, but can be avoided if you provide the labor to unload and load the equipment into the truck
  • In some cases, the party host must be flexible to allow early drop off or next day pick up
  • This special low offer may not be available on prime industry dates and times. Contact us with your date.