Rent A Casino DJs


Rent A Casino “RAC” offers only the finest DJ Services. For over 7 years, RAC has been creating memorable parties for Clients throughout New England. Our DJ’s have a keen musical sense, a proficiency to read a crowd and the uncanny ability to work with guests of all ages, RAC is an ideal choice for any celebration.

All Florida Academy of Mobile Entertainers graduates, RAC DJ’s use their professional training in working with any number of guests. From the outset, they will create a rapport with guests that allows them to have an amazing time.

Their ability to choose the right song at the right time is a trademark that makes Them a great choice for parties that require a wide range of music.

No matter what type of celebration you are planning, RAC DJ’s will bring a unique combination of excitement and style that will leave everyone talking about your celebration for years to come!


RAC has a CD collection of over 10,000 carefully selected titles. This music library is available Via E-mail and requests are always welcomed. An overwhelming number of our customers, and their guests, have commented that we have the "best variety of songs" and the way we mix them together "keeps people dancing".


Our DJ’s come prepared with the finest professional sound equipment, including digitally enhanced anti-skip CD technology and cordless microphones to better interact with your guests. Depending on the venue, additional speakers can be added bringing music into more than one room.


  • Lighting and effects will turn the dance floor into a kaleidoscope of colors and set-the-mood for those romantic dances.
  • If appropriate, RAC DJ’s will prepare skits, props, prizes and games that will entertain all your guests.

Call for more information: 617-828-2313