Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em Tournament

Ever watch the WSOP “World Series of Poker?”

Have you ever wondered why so many people are so obsessed with WSOP?

Host your own poker tournament and find out why. Rent A Casino has all the tables and dealers for your tourney. Our tournament directors will keep the event flowing by combining tables as players get knocked out. They will also color up players chips as the blinds raise “the stakes go up as the tourney goes on.”

There are two primary types of tournaments. They are charity and corporate team building.

In a charity tournament, rent a hall “or have one donated,” you hire Rent A Casino to supply the poker tables, cards, chips etc. Then you promote the event and sell the seats. Your charity makes money after the costs are repaid. The more seats you sell, the more money your non profit can make.

Please review Massachussets Law at the following link: Texas Hold'Em Advisory

We also do this for corporate clients. It is run just like the charity tournament with the exception that the players don’t have to buy in. The company hires Rent A Casino and buys a few prizes. The corporate employees just show up and play the game for all competitive and ice breaking purposes. Prizes are awarded to the top finishers. It’s fun! Host a Hold’em tournament today!