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Frequently Asked Questions

Are casino party fundraisers and Texas hold'em fundraisers legal in Massachusetts?

Know the law. Visit the following links for more information:

Massachusetts Casino Party laws
Texas Hold'Em Advisory

Do you provide the accessories?

We provide everything the casino needs, such as casino tables, chips, cards, dealers, it the game needs a wheel or dice, etc. We don’t usually provide the chairs, most halls have there own.

How many winners should I have?

We leave this up to the client. However, we find that three is sufficient.

Who supplies the prizes?

Normally the client will supply the prizes. We could do it, but in all our years of doing this, no client have ever asked us to. Could you be the first?

How much money should I start my guests with?

We usually recommend $1,000.00. Don’t worry, we will take care of the handing out starting money “or script as it’s usually called.”

What do my guests do with the funny money?

Our dealers have full chip trays at the tables in front of them. They will make change for your guests.

What color are your chips and what are the denominations?

Red = $25
Green = $100
Black = $500

We usually give guests 8 red, 3 green, and 1 black to start.

Are there table limits?

Normally $25 min, $200 max for most tables. Texas Hold'em is no limit.

How long do the tables stay open?

The tables open when your guests arrive. They usually close a few minutes before the end to total up the chips.

What happens at the end when the tables shut down?

After we total the chips, we will help award prizes to the top winners.

Should the casino start when my guests arrive?

It’s up to you. Some clients start the casino a half hours after the party start time. Some guests arrive fashionably late.

Do you truck your equipment from New York? 

We are from the Boston area so our equipment is from the Boston area.

Do you sub-contract your jobs to other casino companies?

No.  If you contract with Rentacasino.net you only get prime Rentacasino.net tables, accessories and Rentacasino.net dealer staff.   You will not have another company show up pretending to be us.  In most cases we will ask to do s site survey of your function venue to determine best door to unload at, room size, best setup up for our gaming tables etc.   

Do you have Specialty Tables available?

Yes, Rentacasino.net can offer you very attractive specialty tables. Some of which are:

  • Caribbean Stud
  • Let-It Ride
  • Chuck-A-Luck
  • Money Wheel
  • Octagon Poker
  • Plus much more

Don't hesitate to ask for a table if you don't see it.  We also have the dealer staff to deal every game that is out there.

Do you have slot machines?

Yes, we have fully electronic push button types that accept tokens.

Is it important to provide Rentacasino.net our date when requesting a quote? 

Yes, our business is extremely date driven. Many people/groups like to hold large casino parties on the same popular night sometimes with identical start times! It is in your best interest to book with us early especially during the prime party months.

I am holding a fundraiser, are you capable to provide dealer training?

Yes, we have experienced multi game capable training staff, with specific training experience.

Can I rent tables, accessories and provide my own dealers?

Yes, and if it is a fundraiser you must comply with local permit requirements and state laws.

Is a quotation a commitment to provide equipment to our event?

No, a deposit and a signed contract is your assurance that your date, our equipment and our dealers are committed to your event.

Can you supply a DJ/MC?

Yes, in fact it is preferable that you utilize our DJ/MC as they are used to the special needs of a casino party environment.  Especially in handling the close out of the gaming portion of your event.

Is this legal?

Rent A Casino puts on plenty of casino parties every year. As a matter of fact, casino parties have been going on since 1945. All parties are for entertainment purposes and games are not "banked". In other words, your guests cannot play with real money. If your plan is to bank one or more games at your casino party, then no, it wouldn't be legal.

Do I tip the dealers?

The dealers at your casino party are service people just like waiters and bellhops. They provide a service for you just as they would in an actual casino and tipping is generally based on the level of that service. Unlike an actual casino, the chips have no cash value and therefore players cannot use them to tip dealers. It becomes the responsibility of the host, just as at a large dinner party at a restaurant, to tip the dealers. Tips in the amount of $25-$50 per dealer are common. We don’t like to impose a tip to our customers. Some of our competition will put a gratuity on the bill and keep it for themselves. This is rampant through the event industry. If you can, you should ask the company you are hiring if you can tip the dealers directly.

Can I rent equipment without dealers?

Of Course! As a matter of fact, if you are conducting a fundraiser, you can’t hire professional dealers.

What if I want a longer party?

Our standard and holiday rates include dealers for 4 hours. For most parties where you are raffling or auctioning prizes at the end, we find this to be a sufficient amount of time. For the "hardcore" players you may want to go longer: We charge 25% of initial per hour overtime.

What is your booking policy?

We require a 50% down payment (of the total party cost) to reserve your date. The other 50% is paid when the party is finished
We have a 10% Cancellation fee

Do the party guests need to be 21?

No, party guests can be of any age.

Can you provide us with full party planning services?

Of course! We can provide you with everything you need to literally WOW your guests, with very little effort on your part. Let us know what you want, and we'll do the rest!

What areas do you serve?

If you look at a map of New England, play connect the dots using the cities of Boston MA, York ME, Manchester NH, Springfield MA, Hartford CT, Newport RI, Providence RI, and back to Boston. We service everything in between.

What area’s do you particularly like to serve?

Town’s and Cities like: Marlborough, West Roxbury, Newburyport, Bridgewater, Milford, Stoneham, Swampscott, Danvers, Peabody. No matter where your event is held, you should hire rentacasino.net even if there is another vendor closer. We service within 90 miles of Boston no problem!
How does a casino party work?

The term "Casino Party" is used to describe an event, where people come together to play games commonly found in casinos in Las Vegas, but do not actually wager money or other things of value. A casino party may be held as a fund-raising activity for a non-profit organization, or it may be a private celebration held by an individual, group or employer. The major difference between the two is that those who attend a fund-raising casino party are usually asked to make a donation for admission to the event, whereas those who attend a private casino party are usually simply invited to come and have fun. At either event, guests arrive to find a variety of casino games available for their amusement. Guests are usually given a fixed amount of play money or a Script Chip which is cashed at the tables. The play money can be customized with your company logo, picture of the CEO, etc., the Script Chip cannot be customized.  Guests then take their play money or Script Chip to their favorite game table in exchange for value  (ex: $25.00, $100.00 & $500.00 chips and try to win as much as they can during the course of the evening. At the end of the evening, the guests turn in their chips for raffle tickets. Prizes can be raffled off or an auction can be held and guests can bid on prizes with their raffle tickets.  Or, each dealer can cash-in your guests and record the winning amounts of each player where the top prize winners can be determined by the host and prizes awarded.

What are some ideas for prizes?

When choosing prizes for your event finding the right product for your guests can be a challenge. Below you will find some ideas to help you. Consider the following criteria when picking your prizes:  The item should be of high quality so that it reflects positively on your event.  It should be something that the majority of your guest would want.  It’s brand name should be recognizable in a positive way. Gift certificates can make great prizes. You could offer restaurant certificates; specialty retail stores certificates, American Express gift checks and the like. If you have a small dollar budget, things like movie passes, lottery tickets, Blockbuster video rentals and car washes can make good prizes. The latest electronic equipment makes great prizes. Today’s hot products in electronics are: iPods, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, DVD Players; Digital cameras; Video Game units (Xbox); Electronic Organizers (Palm Pilot or Visor).

How many gaming tables will I need for my event?

Please refer to the Suggested Packages section of our web site

When do you deliver, set up, breakdown and remove your equipment?

We will work with you and the venue to determine the best time to setup. We deliver and setup well before the start of your event so it’s all ready when your guests arrive. We remove our equipment when your event is over, NOT during your event when your guests are still present.

Why is Rentacasino.net usually cheaper than the competition?

We know were worth far more than we charge. Just look at the party photo’s on are web site. Our equipment is absolutely beautiful! In most cases it’s true, you do get what you pay for. In this particular scenario, when you hire Rent A Casino for your casino party you will get twice the service for in some cases half the price. You should definitely get a quote from Rent A Casino!

Are you guys an entertainment company that sells 50 different products?

No! We are a casino theme party company “this is our specialty”.

Why should I hire you instead of an entertainment company that does 50 different things and stretches themselves thin sometimes to the point were they might not even show up?

When you hire Rent A Casino for your party, we can assure you that you’ll have one of the owners of our company at your event making sure that everything goes perfect. We don’t send a couple of college kids out with a truck full of equipment to run your event. This is what most of our competition does, and it’s just not the same as hiring Rent A Casino. Were intimate! When you’ve hired us you know us like friends.

Why doesn’t everybody hire Rent A Casino?

Goooood Question! Some people fall for a big sales pitch from one of our out of state competitors. In some cases they just hire the first company they talk to. In other cases, they hire a price. If you knew what we know about our competition, you wouldn’t hire anybody but Rent A Casino.

When I talk to you on the phone your not very pushy, does this mean you don’t want my business?

Of course we want your business. We just realize that most clients in our area are laid back and don’t like the NYC hustle, the "hard sell," that most of our competition use to get your deposit.